Illinois REALTOR Magazine Editorial Calendar

Illinois REALTOR Magazine

2015 Editorial Calendar

Illinois REALTOR®is filled with timely, topical information for the state’s real estate professionals. Each edition typically has a theme to anchor coverage. Additionally, each edition will have:

  • One to two additional stories about some aspect of the real estate business.
  • Information on government affairs efforts and lobbying, both at the state and local levels.
  • New this year, the magazine will add a section on professional standards, an emphasis area selected by the association’s leadership.
  • A column or feature on major legal issues confronting real estate professionals.
  • Updates and pictures of and about REALTORS® throughout the state. 

January 2015

Ad Closing: Nov. 5 | Materials Due: Nov. 19

Emphasis: Professional Standards

Doing business the right way for the new year.IAR’s Citation Program and a pledge to publish information about those who fail to follow the REALTOR® Code of Ethics make this a timely emphasis for January 2015. Content will look at key things REALTORS® should know in this important area, with tips provided by members of the association’s Professional Standards Committee, trainers and REALTOR® members who are involved. 


Ad Closing: Feb. 6 | Materials Due: Feb. 20

The aging of the real estate market and what it means for Illinois REALTORS®.

A key dynamic that will shape the housing market in the years ahead will be retirees making home-buying and home-selling decisions. We’ll talk to experts about what REALTORS® need to know as they deal with this demographic group. 


Ad Closing: May 8 | Materials Due: May 22

The credit issue.

How to help clients navigate the complicated world financing. There’s a lot riding on credit scores right now, especially since they are much tighter than they used to be. For REALTORS®, it means being sensitive to how to approach this issue with buyers, while at the same time being about to knowledgably guide them through the process. 


Ad Closing: Aug. 7 | Materials Due: Aug. 21

The next generation of leaders:Many managing brokers are nearing retirement age, which leaves a question of succession planning? Who will step in to fill the void left by retirements, and how can brokers make sure they have the right people ready to step into leadership roles. Additional story will explore mentoring relationships and how to effectively work with someone to get them ready to take big management steps.   


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