Leadership Development Program


Leadership Development Program

Are you interested in developing your leadership skills? Consider applying for the Illinois REALTORS® Leadership Development program. The program is designed to identify and train those members who have the aptitude, interest, motivation and potential to become an association leader as a committee chair or elected officer.

Qualified candidates are:

  • active members of their local association;
  • interested in developing their leadership skills;
  • motivated to lead at the local or state association level.

Core modules include:

  • Association Governance, Management and General Committees
  • Conducting Effective Meetings
  • Public Policy and Political Involvement
  • Illinois Political Involvement
  • Spokesperson/Media Training
  • Leadership Development Academy (held on even numbered years)

Deadline to Apply:
 December 2, 2016

How to Apply:

1) Complete the application form electronically

2) Print the form 

3) Sign and ask the Association Executive or President to sign

4) Email the form and a copy of your business card to Kristen Butcher at education@illinoisrealtors.org.


Program Goal:  

The program goal is for Illinois REALTORS®, through the Executive Committee, past presidents and members, to develop and implement a systematic approach for the identification, placement, and training of future Illinois REALTORS® leaders. Leaders are those members who through their state, local association or other organization involvement are perceived to possess the skills, aptitude, interests and motivation to become a committee chair, and/or Illinois REALTORS® elected officer. The program is designed to further develop a person’s leadership skills in a structured program that offers training and critical evaluation.

Note:  It cannot be overemphasized that participation in this program is for self improvement and does not in any manner project or guarantee that a participant will receive preferential treatment by the Nominating Committee should the participant decide to pursue state elected office.



Any member may request to participate in the program and any member may be requested to apply to participate by a member of the Leadership Development Working Group. The program will be limited to twelve (12) new participants each year. Each candidate will complete an application form to establish their past level of participation and involvement in state or local association and other groups. 


Program Governance: 

The Leadership Development Working Group shall have a chair, appointed annually by the Executive Committee, that will oversee the selection, participation, and evaluation of the program. Other working group members may be selected from the past presidents or those members with specific leadership training and skills. The members of the working group shall not serve on the Nominating Committee during the same administrative year. The chair shall work closely with staff and the Executive Committee to present participants to serve on Illinois REALTORS® committees. The officers shall serve on the working group in an ex officio capacity.  On an annual basis, the Executive Committee shall recommend funding for activities related to the overall Leadership Development Program.




Breakout Text: 


Leadership Development Schedule (subject to change):

  • February 22: Association Governance, Management and General Committee
  • February 23: Conducting Effective Meetings
  • April 24: Public Policy and Politcal Involvement
  • April 25: Illinois Political Involvement, Illinois REALTORS® Lobby Day
  • June 13: Spokesperson/Media Training



Illinois REALTORS® reimburses Leadership Development participants (hotel, travel and meals) when required. All arrangements are coordinated through the Association. All modules are held in Springfield, Illinois.