Earn Your GRI Designation

The NEW online Graduate, REALTOR® Institute Designation courses will be available August 1, 2016!  GRI enriches your practice and prepares you for the challenges of the real estate industry today and tomorrow.

Why should you earn the GRI designation? 

  • GRI is a lifetime designation with NO renewal fees.
  • The advanced level coursework builds your knowledge base beyond the basics.
  • Online courses fit your schedule: study anytime, anywhere. 
  • GRI peers are the best in the business.
  • Exclusive benefits and resources are available only to GRI Grads.

What does it take to earn the GRI designation?

A total of 60 hours of GRI coursework is required to earn the GRI designation.
This coursework must include:

All coursework must be taken through the Illinois REALTORS® Licensing & Training Center except the ePro designation course. All course work must be completed in less than 5 years. All courses require a 70% passing score on the exams. Most courses are licensed for CE credit. All online courses will have the option of either online proctoring or at one of our approved proctor locations. There is a $15 fee to retake an exam, with a maximum of two test attempts before being required to re-take a course. No renewal fee is required for the GRI designation. GRI is a lifetime designation. 

How do I get credit for GRI coursework?

Each course you take through the Illinois REALTORS® Licensing & Training Center is recorded in our database. When you have completed the required GRI coursework, you will complete a form requesting your GRI designation and send it via email to education@illinoisrealtors.org

How much does it cost to earn the GRI designation?

Depending upon which courses you select, the GRI coursework will cost between $500-$750 (not including the cost of prerequisite coursework). There is no fee to apply for your GRI designation, and no renewal fees are required. 

The Rich Port Scholarship offered by the Illinois Real Estate Educational Foundation may be applied to GRI courses. Learn more and  apply at www.ilreef.org.


GRI Grad Coursework
GRI Grad Prerequisites:

Option 1) 30 hours of Broker Post-License Coursework:

Broker Post License Topics (Homestudy) - 513001309 - 15 hours

Broker Post License Applied Real Estate Practices (Interactive) - 513001310 - 15 hours

Option 2) 30 hours of Managing Broker Pre-License Coursework: 

MB Pre-License Topics - 513001052 - 30 hours

MB Pre-License Applied Management and Supervision (Interactive) - 513001053 - 15 Hours

Note: Managing Brokers are required to take 45 hours, but only 30 hours of credit will be applied toward GRI.:

Option 3) Proficiency Exam - application - exam - fee

Option 4)  Equivalency Course - application - documentation - fee 


GRI Mandatory Courses - 12 hours total required

RD 933 Mastering Real Estate Negotiations - 564002507 - 3 hours CE
RB 733 Contract Law for Real Estate - 564002511 - 3 hours CE
GRI Grad Ethics SELECTIVE - 3 hours total required
Note: Any ethics course taken through one of the Illinois REALTORS® Licensing & Training Center Branchyes, Illinois REALTORS® Home Study or Illinois REALTORS® Online course will satisfy the GRI requirement. Ethics Quadannual / Biannual cycles do NOT apply to this GRI requirement.  ETH 1507 Social Media Ethics may be applied to GRI Grad Ethics or GRI Grad Technology, but may not apply to both categories. 
GRI Grad Client Systems Courses 6 hours total required
RD 909 Successful Buyer Client Systems - 564002508 - 3 hours CE
Successful Seller Client Systems (no CE) - Pseudo # - 3 hours
Successful Seller & Buyers Client Systems(no CE) - Pseudo # - 3 hours
GRI Grad Finance Courses - 3 hours total required
FI 1125  Tax Considerations for Homeowners - 564002506 - 3 hours CE
Real Estate Investment Made Clear (no CE) - Pseudo # - 3 hours
GRI Grad Technology Courses - 6 hours total required
TEC 1708 E-Pro Designation - NAR *564001082 - 6 hours CE
ETH 1507 Social Medial Ethics - Hondros 564002279 - 3 hours CE
TEC 1700 Technology Course - Hondros - 564xxxxxx - 3 hours CE
Note: ETH 1507 Social Media Ethics may be applied to GRI Grad Ethics or GRI Grad Technology, but may not apply to both categories. 

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