Broker Management CE Course Outline

Course Outline

Broker Management Continuing Education

A. Requirement for Office Policy

B. Introduction to Office Policy

C. Independent Contractor/Employee Agreement

D. Personal Assistants

E. Brokerage Relationship Policies

F. Cooperation and Compensation Policy

G. Agency

H. Fair Housing Policy

I. Antitrust Policy

J. Listing Procedures

K. Buyer Qualification

L. Purchase Contract

M. Advertising 

N. Risk Reduction 

O. Social Media 

P. Record Retention and Destruction 

Q. Do Not Call
R. Miscellaneous Items
S. Conclusion of Discussion on Office Policy

T. Property Management/Leasing (Residential)

U. Supervising Sponsored Licensees Handling Distressed Property Transactions

V. Brokerage Company Legal Structure


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